When it’s time to update your old vehicle, you want a car that’s safe and reliable. And when you want to get out of Charleston, WV, there’s no better car than the 2020 Honda Civic EX-L. It includes lots of updated features that make it a long-lasting and trustworthy car. Let’s look at the details.


You might not expect a lot of power from a four-door sedan, but this Honda won’t disappoint. It can give you 162 lb-feet of torque and up to 174 horsepower. It’s made from lightweight materials and features a sleek and aerodynamic design that keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Its four-wheel independent suspension gives you a superbly smooth ride. You will hardly notice any bumps in the road when you get a new 2020 Honda Civic EX-L.

Its front and rear-mounted stabilizer bars give the body an extra element of flexibility, and it helps you stay in contact with the ground while you’re making sharp turns. Additions like this make your car safer and more enjoyable to ride in while you’re getting across Charleston, WV.


Honda’s new safety features give you the best protection. A pre-collision system helps you react in time when people suddenly stop in front of you. And post-collision safety systems keep you safe after the accident has happened.

You’ll also be driving with the newest automated driving technology. Blind-spot avoidance systems keep an eye on areas that aren’t in your field of view. And lane departure warnings let you know when you’re straying too close or far away from the median. You’ll also have emergency braking assistance, so this car will be doing everything it can to keep you and your crew away from harm.

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