The 2020 Honda Accord has become a mainstay in the automobile sector and for a good reason. This sedan is one of the most dependable automobiles to date, and it has a successful track record that will back up all claims. The 2020 Honda Accord will come in various trim levels. The 2020 Honda Accord Sport is a trim level designed for better performance while exhibiting all of the necessary functions of the standard 2020 Honda Accord. Let's dive in for more information.


The 2020 Honda Accord Sport has a name that speaks volumes. This particular trim starts with a 1.5-liter VTEC engine. Of course, this 1.5-liter engine is turbocharged for instantaneous power. This four-cylinder engine will generate as much as 192 horsepower with 192 pound-feet of torque. Taking your driving to the next level is easy. The Accord Sport comes with a CVT transmission, but there's a manual mode that can be utilized to up the ante for more spirited driving. Agility and handling are maximized thanks to the sedan's cat-like suspension system. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is very comfortable to handle. Sport pedals, a rear spoiler, and chrome exhaust tips are also available.

Interior & Features

The interior of the 2020 Honda Accord Sport has enough seating for at least five persons. Total passenger volume is listed at just over 105 cubic-feet of space. Front legroom is listed at 42.3 inches while rear legroom is listed at 40.4 inches. Soft-touch materials and high-quality accents are also found in the cabin. The driver's seat is eight-way powered. Elegant stitching has been incorporated into the leather-trimmed seats. Top-notch craftsmanship can be seen through the 2020 Honda Accord Sport's interior. Honda goes even further by incorporating Active Noise Cancellation technology to create a more peaceful drive.

Located in the center dash is an eight-inch multimedia display. Bluetooth connectivity is available, and there are two USB ports. The 2020 Honda Accord Sport even offers an eight-speaker audio system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated into the system. Overall, this sedan sits well balanced on 19-inch alloy wheels.

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